LagerBox Holding GmbH

Self-storage units for rent in cities across Germany.

A custom cloud-based booking tool has brought a new online experience to the customers and prospects.

LagerBox Holding GmbH
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The client

Lagerbox is a franchise that offers storage cabins and lockers for rent. These storage units are primarily aimed at the B2C market. 

Customers may need to store sporting equipment such as kayaks and bicycles, as well as furniture, appliances, and personal items that don't have space at home.

Small businesses can also benefit from using Lagerbox to store products, paperwork, or equipment.

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The brief

Lagerbox wanted to digitalise its business. They approached WebCap Digitals to set up a customised e-commerce site so customers could book storage units online.

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The outcome

UI/UX design:

  1. UI/UX analysis of the website and Booking tool
  2. Low-fi prototyping of the functional model of the Booking tool to check the best UX hypothesis.

Web Design:

  1. Design of the functional model of the Booking tool.
  2. 3D modelling

Web Development:

  1. Consultation on the cloud-based Booking tool DB structure and architecture.
  2. Backlog creation.
  3. Project management.
  4. Development and maintenance of a custom cloud-based Booking tool.
  5. Numerous API-based 3rd party integrations with the website.
  6. Payment providers integration through API.
  7. CI/CD delivery maintenance.
  8. Development of different analytical and management features in the Laravel Nova admin panel.
  9. JS, HTML, and CSS optimization to increase the Page speed score of the marketing website: desktop 99%, mobile 86%.
  10. On-going front-end layout improvements
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Client feedback

"We’re very happy with the collaboration. We have very close communication lines, so we discuss and summarise progress on a weekly basis. We talk about milestones, challenges, etc.
We’re impressed with their broad experience with the various technologies that they use. Their onboarding process is very quick as well.
I can’t think of anything that WebCap Digitals LLC could improve on."

Arie van den Bos, Chief Financial Officer at LAGERBOX

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Can we assist you?

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