Algarve is a region in Portugal famous for its great beaches, first-rate facilities and beautiful nature. All of which makes it an attractive place to visit for a weekend, spend a holiday or live. The idea behind the Meravista website is simple: to provide the visitors who come to Algrave from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the real estate market in the area. The site would be used both by the real estate agents and potential buyers. The website our team built for Meravista allows the agencies to describe the real estate and place it in the database of the site. It also allows them to promote certain offers on the front page. Visitors can browse the offers using different selection criteria, such as location, price, or size, and view detailed photos of the houses and apartments. Visitors can also find articles and blogs about the real estate in Algarve. The website has a user-friendly interface with comfortable page layout, very simple navigation menu and fast photo presentation.

Meravista is a website with complex searching features that could help you in finding your favourable living space on the stunning coast of Algarve, Portugal. Features were developed using Drupal7 and PHP technologies. As for specific features we can highlight complex searching abilities that were compared with Google Maps for more convenience in search.

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