Brief overwiew:

SHcreative is a company that’s focused on filming. From scriptwriting to post production – all the services are located
in the portfolio sections that show multiple video content created by SHcreative.

Sh.creative is a full-service production company based in Summertown, Oxford. An award-winning creative production agency offering web video production, corporate video production, marketing video and viral advertising –  in-house production team offers services from concept to post-production. We work throughout the UK, working direct to business to provide support and consultancy. Traditionally, we also work with and support advertising and marketing agencies to provide video and film services.


Our objective was to inject some creativity into the website, making it filmic yet SEO-friendly. Quite a challenging task, we should admit 🙂

Check the the Drupal version of the site before the overhaul.

Key features:

  • Bespoke template made for videos
  • Social networking integration
  • Filmic responsive design
  • Integrated Adobe Edge animation reel
  • Ability to construct unique Marketing Landing Page from CMS
  • SEO optimized