Squaducation is a company committed to injecting energy into presentation of English history to multi-age audience. 60secjnds histories works with the education and media industries to offer engaging school workshops, guided castle tours and more. They produce short historical films (“60 second histories”) for the TV and schools.

The main goal of Squaducation is to reach a broad audience and make history exciting.

To make their idea work, we built an online web service that consists of 2 main parts:

– The 60 Seconds Histories serves as a unique video-portal of short videos devoted to History. It allows users to watch short films about different periods of English history. The service provides teachers with the option to create virtual classrooms, fill them with virtual video resources and invite students for watching them

– History Squad provides users with access to the calendar. It shows available dates, the dates that are already booked, lists the booked events. Using the calendar users can request certain events at the dates that are still available. It allows to navigate to the next or previous month.

– Three classes of users: student, teacher, administrator
– Two types of subscription: annual and free trial subscription
– Events booking form
– Payment option for membership purchases by means of Paypal or generated unique invoice
– E-mail system utilizing MailChimp and inMail
– Tracking functionality: the admin panel allows the Administrator to track the following:
Google Analytics
Track schools that made the contact
Track schools that use free trial and which films they watch
The number of sign ups from trial to full account
Schools that sign up for full account, track the number of invites to teachers, and teachers with accounts
Films that were watched/shared
-Create a Virtual Classroom
– Share the Virtual Classrooms: this feature allows teachers to share their virtual classroom with other teachers  so that they could use the same classroom using their own logins.
– Social networking
– Responsive layout
– Vimeo API integration
– Custom regulation of video displaying mode