Our Approach

Time is money, so we’ve reduced the red tape. All of the Agreements are exchanged via DocuSign. No need to register there; you’ll be able to sign off everything.

  1. We sign an NDA and discover your Project.
  2. Depending on the discovery outcomes, we offer you a suitable collaboration model (Fixed price, T&M, Service Retainer)
  3. We sign off the Master Agreement and the chosen collaboration model as Appendix.

Fixed Price

The approach boils down to the creation of a Project Plan which outlines the expected functionality, labour efforts, costs, and timeframes. It’s challenging to provide accurate estimates; therefore, the risks are added to a quote. Fixed-price projects usually go Waterfall. We also practice building MVPs following this model with a further switch to T&M.

Benefits Challenges
  1. Both parties ensured they understood the project.
  2. Budgets and timeframes are clearly communicated.
  1. It can be challenging to outline all of the requirements in the beginning.
  2. Any change requests to the Project Plan must be outlined, estimated and planned separately.

Time & Material

The best option to kick off your project quickly is to get a dedicated team involved. You will be granted Redmine access to keep your hand on the pulse, work with the Backlog, check issues in Sprints, and monitor spent labour efforts and timeframes. Now, having got the resources and control, what prevents your project from success? All systems, Go!

Benefits Challenges
  1. Quick launch.
  2. Changes are made easily and quickly, reducing the risk of delays.
  1. Product Owner availability.
  2. The final cost may exceed the original estimate.

Service Retainer

Retainer basis is a perfect fit if you have a monthly limited budget availability. You order service hours one month upfront — we make sure they are booked and committed to your project. Both of us plan and forecast the expenditures and outcomes. Superb option.

Benefits Challenges
  1. You are ensured the resources will be allocated to your project in the agreed amount.
  2. You can plan your expenditures and outcomes, and we can plan our resources.
  1. Possible limits. If you occasionally need more resources than booked, it might be challenging to allocate them due to the planning process.
  2. Possible waste of resources. Ordered, yet unconsumed hours do not transfer to the next month.

Contact Us

After submitting your project details, we will arrange for one of our representatives to contact you within the next 24 hours. We take your confidentiality seriously and will sign an NDA to ensure your ideas are protected.
During our initial conversation, we will discuss the primary requirements of your project. Our team of analysts and developers will then meticulously study your project details and collaborate with you to determine the best next steps.