Websites, web and mobile apps must work steadily to ensure they convert.
Building a website is not rocket science, yet it requires some essential roadmap. If this is your first familiar experience, we suggest reviewing the checklist.

Web apps

You may ask about the difference between a website and a web app. Good point; we often confuse those two ourselves 😀
If you’re really curious about this

A website is a collection of web pages that are typically static and provide information to users about a particular topic or organisation. Websites can range from simple, static pages to complex, dynamic sites that include multimedia content and interactive features. Examples of websites include news sites, blogs, and online stores.

On the other hand, a web application is a type of software that runs in a web browser or on a web server and provides a specific function or service to users. Web applications can be simple, like an online calculator, or complex, like a social media platform or a web-based email client. Unlike websites, web applications are usually interactive and require user input to perform their intended function.

The distinction between a website and a web application can sometimes be blurred, as some websites may contain elements of web applications, and some web applications may also include informational pages. However, in general, the main difference between the two is that websites provide information, while web applications provide functionality.

Web apps vary by structure: Monoliths, and microservices, with and without 3rd party integrations, each with its purpose and functionality.

Web apps vary by structure: Monoliths, and microservices, with and without 3rd party integrations, each with its purpose and functionality.
Web apps vary by domain: e-commerce, social media, CMS, ERP, CRM, and educational, to name but a few. There are many more, and new ones are being developed all the time as technology continues to evolve.
We love building web apps. We have the skills, the knowledge and a proven track of successfully delivered projects.
We mostly use the TALL stack and Time & Material to build familiar things, as they are not cheap and fast delivered. To earn your trust, we propose building an MVP using the Fixed Price model. It allows both parties to know each other close and establish rapport. Have the outcomes lived up to the expectations? Let’s switch to Time & Material to boost up the development paces. Behold your project in full swing…

Mobile apps

To make a long story short:
  • 58.43% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone.
  • There are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users.
  • There will be over 1 billion 5G connections worldwide by 2025.


Software is varying. The best combination wins the competition. We can enhance your online business infrastructure by means of integration with CRM, ERP, Messengers, ChatBots, you name it.

Technologies we use


ReactJS, Angular 2+, VueJS, AlpineJS


PHP, Laravel, WordPress, NodeJS, Python


MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB


React Native


Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Hetzner


Gitlab CI, Github Actions, Jenkins CI, CircleCI

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