Redmine Salary Plugin

Custom-built plugin to cover companies' needs in salary accounting

Key features:

Automatic calculation of users' salaries based on their logged time and relationship type
Varying calculation logic depending on chosen relationship type
Payroll management for directors and bookkeepers
Paycheck view for employees
Salary feedback
. 01

Varying relationship types

Salary conditions may differ depending on the agreed relations between parties. The plugins allows to set up relationships individually for each user:

  • Employed with a fixed monthly salary
  • Employed with an hourly salary
  • Outsourced with a fixed salary
  • Outsourced with an hourly salary

Plugin can also take into account tax optimization if needed.

. 02

Payroll Management

Advanced functionality for Payroll admins

  • View the company's payroll
  • Configure permissions to decide who can manage the payroll
  • Adjust working schedule by choosing non-working days and shortened days
  • Add comments to employe's paychecks
. 03

Salary feedback

Keep your hand on the pulse regarding employees' financial motivation

  • Ability for an employee to raise a question if it's time for a level-up
  • Ability for an employer to request if his team is satisfied with payment conditions
. 04

Connection with Management Accounting plugin

Set up bill rates for your users for each project in Salary plugin, install Management Accounting plugin and open the door CashFlow and Profit & Loses reports

  • Bill rates for each user and project
  • Automatic data sync between Salary and Management Accounting plugins
  • A Bridge to Cashflow reports & PNL reports

Improve the loyalty of your team by bringing additional transparence into your cooperation.

The plugin is currently in beta version, please submit the form and we'll reach out and share the access.