Redmine for task management and time-tracking, Gitlab for code repo. Both are deployed on our servers, ensuring the work is conducted under our full control.


The methodology expects the work scope to be divided into a cascade of phases within the SDLC. Useful for humble websites and MVPs.

  1. Gathering of requirements *
  2. Project Plan creation *
  3. Labour and budget estimation *
  4. Implementation
  5. Verification
  6. Maintenance

* Labour efforts spent on these phases are charged separately if you only order a Project Plan.

Benefits Challenges
  1. Both parties ensured they understood the project.
  2. Budgets and timeframes are clearly communicated.
  1. It can be challenging to outline all of the requirements in the beginning.
  2. Any change requests to the Project Plan must be outlined, estimated and planned separately.

It’s relevant to mention, that Fixed price quotes often include some costs for potential risks, which may or may not happen.

We mainly apply this methodology to Fixed Price projects.


Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.’ It’s not our statement, it’s one of the Agile principles we follow.

The gist of the Agile methodology can’t be presented better than in Agile Manifesto and its twelve principles.

We utilise the Scrum framework for Agile with the help of Redmine.

  1. Sprint planning.
  2. Daily standup.
  3. Demo.
  4. Retrospective.
Benefits Challenges
  1. Quick launch.
  2. Changes are made easily and quickly, reducing the risk of delays.
  1. Product Owner availability.
  2. The final cost may exceed the original estimate.

We mainly apply this methodology to Time & Material projects.


Any infrastructure needs maintenance, let alone IT. Service retainer allows organising a straightforward approach for Support & Maintenance.

  1. You determine the services required for support and order them on a monthly basis.
  2. We book the required hours and guarantee they are dedicated to you.
Benefits Challenges
  1. You are ensured the resources will be allocated to your project in the agreed amount.
  2. You can plan your expenditures and outcomes, and we can plan our resources.
  1. Possible limits. If you occasionally need more resources than booked, it might be challenging to allocate them due to the planning process.
  2. Possible waste of resources. Ordered, yet unconsumed hours do not transfer to the next month.

We mainly switch to this methodology having delivered a Fixed price project or Time & Material.

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After submitting your project details, we will arrange for one of our representatives to contact you within the next 24 hours. We take your confidentiality seriously and will sign an NDA to ensure your ideas are protected.
During our initial conversation, we will discuss the primary requirements of your project. Our team of analysts and developers will then meticulously study your project details and collaborate with you to determine the best next steps.