Marketing Case

As part of our cooperation with a famous brand, we, the WebCap Digitals Marketing Team, conducted an in-depth analysis of market trends and the needs of the target audience. Using analytics data, we determined that paid search and social media were the most effective acquisition channels, which allowed us to generate 75,058 and 50,000 new users, respectively. This highlighted our smart choice of strategies and deep understanding of our target audience.

Case Contents

  • 1. Attraction Strategies and Channels
  • 2. Conversion Analysis
  • 3. Revenue Analysis
  • 4. Conclusions
. 01

Attraction Strategies and Channels

Our approach to marketing strategies and acquisition channel optimization is showing significant results, with over 135,000 new users acquired, representing 20% ​​year-on-year growth.

This demonstrates our ability to successfully scale our marketing efforts and achieve our goals.


135,000 new users

Paid search and social networks demonstrated high efficiency, attracting more than 125,000 new users in total.


There was a 20% year-on-year increase in the number of new users, indicating successful scaling of marketing efforts.
. 02

Conversion Analysis

Key conversions were carefully analyzed, allowing us to improve user engagement. We recorded a 30% increase in purchases, reaching over 1,500 units per month, and contact form submissions increased by 25%, to 2,000 cases per month. Call requests and call connections increased by 40% to 3,000 and 2,500 respectively, and total callbacks increased by 50% to 4,000 monthly.


1,500 per month

Purchases averaged over 1,500 units per month, reflecting a 30% increase over the previous year.

2,000 cases per month

Contact form submissions ("submit_contact_form") reached 2,000 cases per month, an increase of 25%.

3,000 requests

Requests for calls (“riq_calls_total_requested”) increased by 40%, reaching 3,000 monthly requests.

2,500 calls

Сall connections requests (“riq_calls_total_connected”) increased by 40%, reaching up to 2,500 monthly requests.

4,000 callbacks

The total number of callbacks (“total_callbacks”) increased by 50% to 4,000 monthly.

. 03

Revenue Analysis

As a result of our efforts, the brand's annual revenue showed a stable growth of 35%, reaching €360,000. This is a direct reflection of the success of marketing strategies and the effectiveness of the marketing budget. Average annual income increased from €170,000 to €360,000, and ROI increased by 40%, confirming the high return on marketing investment.


€360,000 annual average income

Average annual income increased from €170,000 to €360,000, confirming the effective use of the marketing budget.

+ 40% ROI increased

ROI increased by 40%, indicating the high efficiency of marketing investments.

. 04


This case highlights our marketing expertise, ability to adapt to market changes and effectively use analytical data to develop and implement informed strategic decisions. We are proud of our achievements and continue to work to improve results for our clients.

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